Galaxy Builders – Door replacement

Galaxy Builders – Door replacement

Door Replacement

When your Jacksonville home was first built, all of the doors in your home probably opened and closed with ease. After a few years, however, your home will settle and move infinitesimally causing your doors to shift. Changing weather can also cause your doors to swell or contract. Both of these can result in doors that don’t fit the door frame properly, doors that scrape against the carpet, or doors that don’t stay open.

At Galaxy Builders, Inc., we have been installing and fixing doors in the Jacksonville area for many years. We know the climate and its effects on your home, and we know how much care and precision is needed for a perfect door installation. You can rely on both our process and our products to be satisfactory and to last for many years.

Front Door Installation

One of the first things visitors to your home will notice is your front door. The front door is arguably the most important in your home and it serves several purposes. It should welcome visitors to the home with its warm and stylish design, but it should also provide trustworthy security night and day for your home. The locks need to fit smoothly and securely, and your door should open and close with ease.

The style options for your front door are endless. You can choose any material, color, and design to brighten the front of your home. Regardless of what you choose, we will ensure an expert installation. We consider Jacksonville weather and make sure that your door is weatherproof, durable, and energy-efficient.

Patio Doors

Your patio should feel like an extension of your home, which is why choosing the right solution for your patio doors is important. We have many different options to help seamlessly connect the outside of your home with the inside. We install beautiful glass patio doors that blend in perfectly for a bright and open feel, and we also install screens to help you let in a cool evening breeze without inviting too much nature into the home. Our installations will leave you with a secure, beautiful, and easy to operate solution.


You can open up your entryway and add more natural light to your home by adding sidelights to your front door. These narrow windows can beautify your home by giving the impression of height with their thin design, and they can be clear or opaque depending on your wishes. Contact Galaxy Builders, Inc. to find out if your home is a good candidate for sidelight installation.

Interior Doors

The doors inside your home can be simple and functional, or they can be a decorative focal point of the room. However, all of your interior doors should be quiet and easy to open and close, and they should fit perfectly inside the doorframe. With our installations, we are here to ensure that all of the doors in your home add to rather than detract from your comfort and security inside the home.

Room Dividers

One of the easiest ways to break up a room and add interest to your space is to add glass room dividers. These doors give you the option to easily transition between separate spaces and an open living space without any effort. They can also be a great option for families who are concerned about conserving energy. Our room dividers are strong, durable, attractive, and always slide easily on their tracks. Each of our options can be easily customized to blend in with your home’s interior style.

Custom Doors

Every home is unique and your doors should reflect your taste and style. We build custom doors that perfectly fit your vision. We approach each custom door design with the same creativity and ingenuity as an artist, and we take pride in the beauty and functionality of every door we craft. If you have specific needs for your door installation that a cookie-cutter door cannot fulfill, give us a call.

When it comes to door installation, our team at Galaxy Builders, Inc. has thought of everything so that you don’t have to. Each of our doors is beautiful, secure, energy-efficient, and able to withstand Jacksonville weather. When you call us to discuss an installation, we always listen to you so that we have a complete understanding of your needs and expectations. Scheduling an appointment with us is easy and we always work around your schedule. For the best door installations in the Jacksonville area, call Galaxy Builders Inc. today.

Door Won’t Open or Close?

Your front door is one of the first things family, friends, and visitors see; so, it’s important to create a welcoming first impression.

Entry doors should also provide security and safety for your home and your family; so, it should be durable enough to withstand Florida elements and unwanted intruders.

Low Maintenance: Our maintenance-free doors will keep their attractive appearance for years to come. So don’t worry about repainting, wood rot, or warping.

Beautiful Style Options: With options for every design preference and budget, we will consult with you to find the perfect style, color, and decorative details for your new door.

Durable Materials: We use high-quality materials to ensure our door installations stay durable, weatherproof, and secure for years.

Home Comfort: Upgrading your doors will eliminate drafts and help maintain a comfortable interior home environment.

Energy Efficiency: Eliminating air leaks around your doors helps boost your home’s energy efficiency. Don’t pay more for your heating and cooling than necessary.

As a General Contractor, we can help you choose the perfect door style and color that compliments your home’s overall aesthetics. Nothing makes a statement like a well thought out entrance.

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