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Landlords often avoid replacing big-ticket items until doing so becomes extremely necessary. Such items usually include things like siding, roofing, water heaters, and HVAC systems. But, one favorite avoidance that is most common among a majority of landlords is windows.

Understandably, replacing windows doesn’t come cheap. The cost to replace windows is quite high; especially when compared to other updates. Also, while updates in the kitchen and/or bathroom can often lead to a rent increase, the same cannot be said when it comes to replacing the windows on a rental property.

If you’re thinking about replacing the windows on your rental property, then there are some thing you should carefully evaluate.

Signs You Need to Replace Your Rental’s Windows

  1. Visible Damage: Over time, your windows will get worn out due to constant exposure to the elements. So, regularly check for certain things, like fogginess, warping, and cracks.
  2. Curb Appeal: When in good shape, windows provide great curb appeal. But when they’re not in good shape, they will make your rental property look outdated.
  3. Decaying Frames: Over time, even high quality window frames will rot and decay. The exposure to dampness and moisture will cause wood to rot and, in some cases, mold to develop.
  4. Outside Noise: Hearing birds chirping while in bed every morning is certainly a great feeling. However, it’s certainly irritating when you hear everything in your neighborhood – from your neighbor’s dog barking to road noise.
  5. Moisture Build-Up Between Panes: If you have double-gazed windows, seeing moisture build-up between the panes may be a sign of trouble. Signs of moisture means that the seal is broken and the insulation has been compromised.
  6. Poor Window Operation: Proper functioning windows open and close with ease. Anything less than this may be a sign they need to be replaced.
  7. Higher Energy Costs: A faulty window can also cause your furnace to work overtime. The high energy costs will also happen during the hot season when the HVAC system is working overtime to keep your home cool.

Take note that the quality of a window usually trumps maintenance and climate. Top-quality windows often require less maintenance and are built to withstand inclement weather conditions.

Qualities of a Good Window Replacement

Windows, much like everything else, aren’t created equal. That’s why it’s important to choose the right window replacements for your rental property. What qualities should you look out for? We’re glad you asked.

  1. High Performance: Choose a window that has the right amount of insulation and glazing. 
  2. Durability: What good is a window that easily breaks? Make sure to check the brand as well as the material used before making a purchase.
  3. Beauty: Of course, as a landlord, it’s in your best interest to have an appealing property. Pick windows that bring out the best in your rental property, advises Innovative Property Solutions.

Which One Should You Buy – Double- or Triple-Pane Windows?

Double-pane windows, also known as dual-pane windows, are made from two glass panes. The two panes are separated by a spacer that traps gas, such as argon or krypton.

The gas trapped inside the two glass panes helps provide substantial energy savings. Today, manufacturers dealing in double-pane windows are starting to feature low-E glass, which is a good energy reflector and helps keep your home energy efficient.

Triple-pane windows, on the other hand, are better than double-pane windows because of several reasons. Unlike double-pane windows, triple-pane windows have two gas-filled chambers sandwiched between the glass.

Whether you choose double-pane windows or triple-pane windows, it should be dependent on your budget. Because of the additional insulation, triple-pane windows are more soundproof, reduce condensation much better, and are much more energy efficient.

However, triple-pane windows often cost more than double-pane windows.

Which Style Should You Choose – Crank or Sliding Windows?

Also known as casement windows, crank windows hinge at the side and open outward to the left or right. This design allows them to open completely to allow maximum air circulation. Crank windows are usually chosen for tall, narrow window openings. Because of their narrow openings, they are usually good at energy saving.

Sliding windows, alternatively, are basically double-hung windows that have been turned on their side. They are horizontal with sashes that slide back and forth rather than up and down like traditional windows.

As for costs, sliding windows cost less than crank windows. While your choice should be dependent on your needs, crank windows typically last longer.

Which is Easier to Install – Full-Frame or Retrofit Installation?

Broadly speaking, full-frame and retrofit installation are the only two main types of window installation. If you’re on a budget, then consider retrofit installation.  It’s cheaper as the new window gets inserted into the existing window frame.

Conversely, a full-frame installation involves replacing all the components of the window. So, as you can expect, full-frame installation is more expensive as compared to retrofit installation.

In the end, you want a window replacement that is more than just decorative. Choose one that is fully functional, durable, and focuses on maximum energy efficiency.

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