Quick Guide: The Basics of Roof Replacement

Aug 23, 2021 | Roofing

Installing a new roof on your home can seem daunting. Not only can it be an extensive process, but hiring area professionals can sometimes seem like an extravagant, unnecessary cost.

However, reaching out to your best local roofers for roof repairs actually better serves your home in the long run. Professional roof replacement services prevent unwanted water damage throughout your home. What’s more, these services can limit the kind of wear and tear your home sees during Florida’s hurricane season.

When Do You Need to Replace Your Roof?

There comes a point when roof repairs will no longer adequately protect your home from damage. You’ll know the time has come to consider roof replacement services when you find yourself dealing with the following issues:

Age-Related Damage

No matter how well maintained your roof may be, it will start to show signs of wear over time. Older roofing materials aren’t as water- or weather-resistant as more modern roofing solutions. While you can repair an older roof, replacing those damaged materials with new ones tends to save you money and better protect the rest of your home.

Repetitive Leaks

Not every roofing leak is easy to find. While you can often detect these leaks based on their symptoms, it takes an expert’s opinion to determine where, precisely, they originate. Some of the most common symptoms of roofing leaks include:

  • Mold or mildew
  • Unpleasant smells throughout your home
  • Bowing walls
  • The sound of running water
  • Pooling water in your rafters, along your wall, or on the floor
  • Buckling support joists

Roofs that have developed substantial leaks can be repaired, of course. However, the longer a roof has been leaking, the more severe the resulting damage will be. A leaking roof can compromise the structural integrity of your walls, floors, and even your foundation, depending on how long it’s been present.

If your roof is made out of porous materials (i.e., non-waterproof), you need a roof replacement.

Substantial Weather-Related Damage

Living in Jacksonville, FL, means your home is up against the full force of tropical weather. While some tropical storms may only damage your shingles, others can upend significant portions of your roof. The degree of damage you find yourself dealing with will impact the kind of roofing repairs your home may most benefit from. If your roof has been damaged to the point where repairs won’t protect your home, then it’s time to consider a replacement.

Never-Ending Maintenance Fees

Many homeowners are concerned about the cost of roof replacement services. As a result, homeowners tend to respond more positively to roofing repair suggestions than recommendations involving full roof replacement.

However, homeowners relying on repairs can often underestimate the cost of these constant developments. The more often you have to repair leaks and lost shingles, the more money you’re going to lose from your homecare budget. The cost of roof replacement may seem substantial up-front, but it tends to save homeowners money in the long run.

We encourage homeowners considering roof replacement to explore their financing options. Different outlets make it easy for homeowners to seek out home repair loans without going to the bank. If you’re looking to replace your roof after a substantial storm, too, you can always check in with your homeowners’ insurance provider to see what percentage of your expenses may be covered by a claim.

What to Expect from Roof Replacement Experts

When you work with professional roof replacement experts, you gain access to a comprehensive, well-tested service. The Galaxy Builders team will consider your home’s climate, state, and condition before determining how to remove and replace your existing roof. In most cases, the process involves no restructuring of your roof’s layers. Instead, we integrate home waterproofing measures and quality support materials.

Not only will you benefit from a roof that’s better protected against the rain and poor weather, but Galaxy Builder roofs also improve your home’s ventilation and energy efficiency.

For more information about Galaxy Builder’s roof replacement process, schedule your initial consultation today. A Galaxy Builder representative can discuss your ambitions with you while elaborating on the team’s available services.

Professional Roof Replacement Services

Your roof is the primary force standing between you and Jacksonville’s poor weather. If you want to get ahead of the next hurricane season, or if you’ve thought about replacing your roof for a while, get in touch with the Galaxy Builder team. Together with area experts, you can explore the best roof replacement options for your home.

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