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Hurricane Season is here… well, it’s been here since June.  According to the National Hurricane Center (NHC), “the official hurricane season for the Atlantic Basin (the Atlantic Ocean, the Caribbean Sea, and the Gulf of Mexico) is from June 1st to November 30th”.  Yay Florida! 

This year’s season has been a “breeze” compared to previous seasons (2004 and 2005 anyone?).  It seems as if our 2019 Hurricane Season is just getting started … the incoming threat of Tropical Storm Dorian appears to be only days away and may very well become a Major Hurricane before making landfall in Florida, according to the NHC. 

It is important to stay calm during a hurricane and be prepared as much as possible for its aftermath.  Here are some tips we hope will help:


  1. Pickup Debris: Everything from a fence post to a flowerpot can turn into a dangerous projectile during a hurricane, damaging your home or, worse, injuring someone.  Make sure anything that is not firmly secured or attached to the ground is put somewhere it will not be exposed to the storm.
  2. Protect Your Openings: Make sure all your windows are protected and your home is secured.  This may mean installing hurricane shutters, which should be done in the days before a hurricane is coming.  If you do not have pre-installed shutters, use plywood to protect your windows.  Taping a window will not protect your home from flying debris.
  3. Review your Insurance Policy: Many homeowners are unaware of what their home insurance policy covers; especially when it comes to hurricanes.  Most policies in Florida have a separate deductible for hurricane damage (which can be considerably higher than a non-hurricane related deductible).  Contact your Insurance Agent to review what your home insurance policy covers and what it does not. 


  1. Choose the Right Roofer: Before committing to a roofer, be sure you read any reviews or ratings you can find online.  The Better Business Bureau (BBB) provides business ratings that reflect a company’s time in business, customer complaints, complaint resolutions, transparency practices, and other factors.  Don’t settle for a roofing company with a low rating – or worse, no rating at all.  Galaxy Builders, Inc. is an A+ rated roofing contractor with the BBB and has been in business since 2003.  We also provide our customers a 10-year workmanship warranty.
  2. Get a Post-Hurricane Roof Inspection: Once the threat of the hurricane has passed, it is important you get a Roof Inspection done as quickly as possible by a local, experienced, licensed roofing contractor like Galaxy Builders, Inc.  If there is any damage to be found, we can find it and help mitigate any future damage.  Beware of storm chasers! … these out-of-town companies are only focused on insurance damage and have a reputation for taking your money and running or installing a roof with no warranty.  Never hire a roofing company that you haven’t researched and vetted.
  3. File an Insurance Claim ASAP: If you’ve ever filed a home insurance claim, you know the process can take a long time; so, be proactive if storm related damage has been found.  This will result in a much smoother and quicker claim process.  You could have your claim resolved while the rest of the state is waiting for their insurance adjuster to show up! 

Galaxy Builders, Inc. is experienced in helping homeowners, like you, with the insurance claim process and restoring homes to pre-loss condition. Contact us today for a FREE post-storm roof inspection!

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