You can count on Galaxy Builders, Inc. (“Galaxy”) as your premier roofing company in Ponte Vedra Beach. Our friendly and professional contractors will handle your next roofing job with quality craftsmanship and attention to even the smallest of details. If you are needing a roof repair, roof replacement, or roof installation services, look no further than your local Ponte Vedra Beach roofing team here at Galaxy.


Roof Repairs

Roof damages are caused by a variety of reasons.  Here in Florida, storms, heavy rainfall, and harsh UV rays can cause extensive wear and tear to roofs.  Whether your roof has been deteriorating slowly over time or it has sustained sudden damage, our expert roofers are ready to help restore your roof to its former glory and restore its integrity.

As soon as you spot roof damage, call our professionals right away. Putting off a roof repair will often lead to leaks, mold growth, rot, structural issues and more; making it even more difficult to repair later. The sooner roof damage is addressed, the less likely it is that you will need a total roof replacement. Even replacing a spare shingle or two that has disappeared over the years can improve the overall lifespan of your roof. Call us for immediate service if you notice any of the following signs of damage with your roof:

  • Missing shingles
  • Broken shingles
  • Mold and/or internal water stains
  • Leaks in your ceiling
  • Visible sagging
  • Obvious damage from a storm or fallen object
  • Damaged gutters
  • Pieces of shingles in the gutters

While damaged gutters don’t seem like that big of a deal, they can cause extensive and expensive repair needs to your home’s roof, siding, and foundation. A broken gutter can’t effectively direct water away from your home like it is designed to do. With nowhere to go, water will pool next to vulnerable places around the exterior of your home. Take care of your broken, bent, and missing gutters today with prompt service from our professionals. 

Protect your roof with thorough roof and gutter repairs from our experts. You can trust our roofers to provide quality service for any of your roofing needs.


Roof Replacement or Roof Installation 

Extensive damage to your roof may warrant a total replacement. When your roof starts to show signs of extreme wear and tear, or frequent repairs are putting a strain on your budget, call us for safe and reliable roofing solutions. You may need a new roof if:

  • You can see light shining in through the attic.
  • Your roof has a large leak or multiple leaks.
  • There are large water stains on your ceiling or walls from roof leaks.
  • The ceiling is sagging from water damage.
  • Large quantities of shingles are missing or damaged.
  • Rot or mold growth has started to form.
  • You find shingle debris in your gutters often.
  • The chimney flashing is damaged.
  • Your roof has already undergone multiple repairs in the past.

Stay protected from the elements and benefit from a better-looking roof with a new roof installation from Galaxy. Freshen up your home’s curb appeal and take pride in your home once again. Call us about our roof replacement services today.


Energy Efficient Roofs

When it’s time to upgrade your home’s roof, ask us about our energy efficient roofing materials. These high-tech options reflect the sun’s rays and help keep your home at a more reasonable temperature throughout the summer. For hot Florida summers, energy efficient roofs are the way to go. Your attic may be causing a slow-down in the heat transfer in your home. Give your air conditioner a fighting chance and save on cooling your home this year with our energy efficient roofing options.  Call us today for a free roof estimate!


General Roofing Maintenance

Roofs are our first layer of defense against extreme weather. While they are built to withstand years’ worth of beatings, over time any roof will start to show signs of wear and tear. Before you know it, your roof isn’t as effective as it used to be and you’re looking for a roofer near Ponte Vedra Beach to come save your roof. 

Maintaining supportive structures such as gutters and chimney flashing can aid in protecting the integrity of your roof. Regular inspections and prompt roof repairs also go a long way in preserving the lifespan of your roof. At Galaxy, we offer an Overhead Care Club that assists homeowners in staying ahead of roof repairs and keeping their roof in as best condition as possible. Member benefits include:

  • Annual gutter maintenance.
  • Roof and attic analysis.
  • Skylight cleaning.
  • Sizeable debris removal.
  • Discounts on service and repair.
  • Priority service calls.

Use Galaxy for the best maintenance, repair, or replacement services on your home’s roof and benefit from a strong and healthy roof for years to come.