Your roof is vital to the protection of your home.  Roof damage can mean trouble for the rest of your home’s structure.  If something is wrong with your roof, contact a professional Palencia roofer, like Galaxy Builders, Inc., right away.

Most homeowners don’t climb onto their roofs to examine it closely.  However, sometimes, you may see signs of damage from the safety of the ground.  If you notice anything concerning, or if your roof has suffered damage from a storm or a fallen tree, reach out to the pros at Galaxy Builders, Inc. right away so we can address the problem.

At Galaxy Builders, Inc., our team will examine your roof and come up with service solutions to solve any issues your roof may have.  Our team is licensed and insured, and we strive to provide our customers with excellent individualized service.  Speak to a Galaxy Builders, Inc. roofer near Palencia today to learn more about how we can repair or replace your roof.


Galaxy Builders Can Repair Exterior Roof Damage

Exterior roof damage may be evident as you look at your home from the ground; especially, if there’s been a recent storm.  If you see a hole in your roof, call Galaxy Builders, Inc. today – this is something you don’t want to put off and should be inspected and addressed with a professional roofing company right away.  However, each of the following issues could also mean you should call Galaxy Builders, Inc. – the premiere roofer near Palencia.


Shingles That Are Curling, Cracked, or Fraying

Roofing shingles suffer abuse from many Florida elements.  Over time, this abuse can lead to significant damage.  At Galaxy Builders, Inc., we can identify damaged shingles and perform roof repairs by replacing the damaged shingles with new ones.  Taking this step can prevent the damage from getting worse.


Diagnosing Dark Spots

If your roof has dark spots, it could be a sign of mold or algae growing on your roof or that your roof is absorbing moisture.  Our roof technicians can identify the cause of dark spots and offer suggestions to replace the damaged shingles and update your roof flashing as needed.  If your roof is older or in poor condition, we may suggest a roof replacement.


Shingle Pieces in the Gutter

If you clean out your gutters and find pieces of shingles inside, this means there are patches of your roof that are missing essential protection.  The lack of protective granules or shingles can mean your roof is more susceptible to rotting, water damage, and decay.

The team at Galaxy Builders, Inc. can replace missing and damaged shingles to fix your roof problems before they damage the rest of your home.

At Galaxy Builders, Inc., we are dedicated to providing our customers with excellent service.  If you see any indication your roofs need professional attention, call us today to learn more about our services.

We can replace shingles or repair roof leaks and other signs of roof damage so your home stays safe and comfortable for you and your family.


Repairing Roof Structure Issues

If your roof is sagging, uneven, or has flaws around a chimney, skylight, or other area, our roof technicians can identify these problems and perform roof repairs whenever you need them.  Some roof features are more prone to damage than others and our trained roof professionals know where to look for these issues.


Interior Roof Repair Services

Any sign that your roof problems are causing damage to the inside of your home will need immediate attention.  Your roof serves an important role in protecting your home and your family.  If you notice your roof is not doing its job, you need to hire the premier roofing company near Palencia – Galaxy Builders, Inc. – to get your roof back in shape to protect your home.

Our roof specialists will check your attic, ceilings, and walls for any signs of water damage.  If we see signs of water damage, we’ll fix your roof to prevent further harm to your home and offer solutions for interior repairs.


When Repairs Are Not Enough, Galaxy Builders, Inc. Can Help

Although regular roof maintenance and repairs will keep your roof working longer, they do not make your roof last indefinitely.  If your roof is more than 15 or 20 years old, you may need to consider a roof replacement.

Our team at Galaxy Builders, Inc. can help you decide whether you need a full roof replacement or if roof repairs will fix the problem.  We will work with you to find a roof replacement that can stand up to Florida’s heat, rain, and wind while improving your home’s curb appeal.


Installing New Roofs

If you’re building a brand-new custom home, our roofers can work with you to select roofing options that meet your specific needs and style preferences.  New roofing materials can protect your home for years to come.  Building a new home is a considerable investment.  Your roof should protect it!

Our roofing professionals always aim to find a roofing solution that meets your needs and fits within your budget.  Call the professionals at Galaxy Builders, Inc. today for more information about our roofing services.