You might not think much about your roof until something goes wrong.  However, your roof works every day to keep your home safe from Florida’s unpredictable elements.

Sometimes, unexpected issues arise that cause the need for an immediate roof repair or roof replacement.  In these situations, you need to find a Green Cove Springs roofer, like Galaxy Builders, Inc., to help protect your home.

Our experienced, licensed, and insured roofers work with you to find the best solution to your roofing problems that meet your needs without breaking your budget.

Best of all, we provide free, no-obligation consultations for all your roofing needs.  Whether you need a couple of nail pops fixed, some touch-ups to your flashing or gutters, storm damage repairs, or a full roof replacement, turn to the roofing experts in Green Cove Springs – Galaxy Builders, Inc.


Exterior Signs of Damage

If the shingles on your roof are missing, warped, cracking, or falling apart, Galaxy Builders,Inc. can replace those shingles and get your roof back in shape.

Your shingles protect the other layers of your roof and, without them, the wood underneath your shingles may rot.  Water damage will not only cause problems outside your home, but it can also begin to leak into your home.

If you notice your roof is sagging, this is another serious sign that all is not well in your home.  Sagging roofs mean significant water damage has caused your roof to deteriorate in that area.  The structure itself may need repairs.

When you call the team at Galaxy Builders, Inc., we’ll work to identify any issues.  We’ll extensively examine your roof from the outside and make sure any interior damage is addressed as well.  When you need an experienced roofer near Green Cove Springs, Galaxy Builders, Inc. is just a phone call away.


Cleaning Your Gutters May Expose Signs of Damage

Cleaning your gutters is an excellent way to notice signs that something is wrong with your roof.  If your shingles are breaking down, you’ll often find pieces of them in your gutters.

If this happens, contact Galaxy Builders, Inc. to speak to a roofer near Green Cove Springs about a roof repair.  Our roofers can check your roof to locate the damaged shingles and perform repairs so your roof remains in good working order.


Galaxy Roofers Can Replace Your Roof

A properly cared for roof should last you many years.  Our roofers will do everything they can to repair your roof to keep it in good shape.

However, storms and wind can cause severe damage – even to a roof that’s been well maintained.  If the damage is severe enough, you may need to explore roof replacement options.

When you call the team at Galaxy Builders, Inc., we’ll walk you through the costs of a roof repair versus the cost of a full roof replacement.  We’ll examine the current age of your roof and provide you with an estimate of how much life is potentially left in your roof.  We’ll also discuss various roofing materials and how they can work to protect your home from Florida’s elements now and in the future.


Energy-Efficient Options

When you need a Green Cove Springs roofer that can install an energy efficient roof, we want to be the one you call.  The roofing industry continues to develop strong, durable, and aesthetically pleasing roofing options.

An energy efficient roof will help keep your home cooler on hot days by limiting how much heat enters your attic.  The added bonus of an energy efficient roof is how much money you can potentially save on your heating and cooling costs.


Roofing Experts in Green Cove Springs

The experienced roofing professionals at Galaxy Builders, Inc. can help you find solutions to your roofing problems.  Whether you need a quick and efficient roof repair, a full roof replacement, or a roof installation on a new construction home, hire the experts that know how to keep your home safe, dry, and looking its best.