Top Benefits of Vinyl Window Installation

Top Benefits of Vinyl Window Installation

Galaxy Builder offers Vinyl Window Installation to Jacksonville and surrounding North Florida areas. You may be wondering why to use Vinyl Windows to replace your old win

dows, below are the top benefits of Vinyl Windows.

Vinyl Windows Offer Energy Savings

Replacing your old windows with new Vinyl Windows will have an immediate impact on the energy costs in your home. On average, replacing all the windows in yo

ur home can usually bring an average of 35% savings on your energy bill. Vinyl windows eliminate cold air drafts in the winter and reflect the sun’s blistering heat in the summer.

Get Better Noise Reduction

Reducing noise isn’t one thing people tend to think of with new windows however replacing old metal or wood single pane windows with new vinyl double pane insulated glass windows will greatly reduce outdoor noise. Typically about 75% or more noise can be reduced depending on your existing windows.

Vinyl Windows Look Great & Increase The Value of Your Home

Another thing about new windows is they look great and can increase the value on any home. Vinyl windows come in an array of colors, styles and glass options that you can use to create a look that makes your house stand out and be noticed. Nice new windows can also make an impact on the value of your home while maintaining an edge in a real estate market that belongs to the buyers.

Reduced The Maintenance of Your Windows

Window maintenance can be a pain but by installing new vinyl windows you can cut down on the amount of time you spend maintaining, cleaning and having your windows re-sealed. Our windows come in a double hung version where both bottom and top sashes or glass units tilt-in for easy glass cleaning. Also the virgin vinyl frames are a lot less susceptible to attracting and holding dirt on its surface unlike metal windows which oxidize, bubble and flake.

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