Replace Drafty and Leaky Windows with Vinyl to Save Money

Replace Drafty and Leaky Windows with Vinyl to Save Money

Windows sure have a lot to offer a home or living space. They can be very appealing to the eye from the outside and on the inside they can help open up and lighten up the space.

It is important to note that not all windows are created equally. Older or cheaper models may have single pain glass or aluminum frames which tend to not offer much insulation. New model windows typically offer double or triple pane glass which are much better at keeping the temperature regulated.

How to Check Your Window for a Draft

You may have heard before to test your windows for leaks or drafts by holding a lit candle next to the frames of the window. If there is a draft you may notice the flame flicker. You can also look for small debris, dust or dirt around the window sill. This can come inside from outside failing insulation in the windows frame.

If your windows do have a draft, that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to replace your windows. You may just need to recaulk your windows or make some other adjustments. Read more on NPR

Improve Window Functionality by Recaulking

  • Prevent drafts caused by gaps in the windows
  • Limit leaks caused by gaps in the windows

However while recaulking your window can help improve some of the functionality of your windows, it can’t solve all of the problems related to drafty leaky windows.

If you do need to recaulk your window, please keep in mind the following Tips for Recaulking your Windows.

Reasons to Consider Replacing Your Windows

  • Recalking does not fix the leak or draft
  • Upgrade the look of your windows
  • Improve ease of use of the windows
  • Single plan glass
  • Low energy efficiency rating
  • Faulty or failing frames
  • Moisture in your windows

Check out the following video from Dr. Energy Saver:

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