Jacksonville Florida Arctic Fox Attic Blanket Installer

Jacksonville Florida Arctic Fox Attic Blanket Installer

Jacksonville Florida Arctic Fox Attic Blanket Installer Galaxy Builders is a proud a authorized dealer of the Arctic Fox Attic Blanket, an energy efficient insulation solution. 

What is an Arctic Fox Attic Blanket?

The Arctic Fox Attic Blanket is a blanket that can be installed in your attic as insulation is to reduce the transfer of radiant energy. The materials used in manufacturing Arctic Fox Attic Blanket are polyethylene and polished aluminum. The blanket will not absorb moisture, is flexible, light weight, extremely strong and the foam core maintains its integrity when punctured by fasteners.

The Arctic Fox Attic Blanket exterior surfaces are covered with polished aluminum which offer 97% of radiant heat being stopped and reflected back to its source.

Consider these Energy Efficiency Comparisons

Conventional Insulation:

  • Conventional insulations have limited ability to reflect radiant energy
  • Mass insulations can also store moisture reducing their capabilities to resist the transfer of thermal energyWhich in turn causes
  • Air conditioning systems often fail to meet the demand of extreme summer heat
  • Heating systems work hard during winter as precious energy escapes into the attic

Both of these conditions put additional strains on utility companies and your budget.

Arctic Fox Attic Blanket:

By using Arctic Fox Attic Blanket, you can reflect the heat back to the source. Therefore, buildings become more temperature consistent and more economical to operate, no matter what the season.

Galaxy Builders would be glad to answer your questions about the Arctic Fox Attic Blanket and help you start saving money with a better insulation system for your home or company.

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